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King Arthur Icons

A Community for sharing icons, graphics, banners, etc of the film "King Arthur"

King Arthur Icons, Graphics, Banners, Etc
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This the first community for sharing icons, graphics, banners, etc from the film "King Arthur" which is to be released in July of 2004. I'll post banners, a few pics and such to lively this bio up later. :)

There are great icons of "King Arthur" floating around at various places, so I thought it would be great to start a community just for icons of this film so they could all be found at one place! :)


1. If you post more then four icons please use an LJ cut. Try to post all of your icons for a particular day in one post.

2. Requests are fine, however if no one replies, please do not post again yelling at the community for not replying. Wait for a bit (like a few weeks or something) and then post again. Perhaps by then there will be a member of the community who would be willing to do your request. This may change in the future, but for now, requests are allowed.

3. Friends Only banners are fine, but please put them behind a cut.

4. Do not go off topic. Off topic posts will be deleted. If I don't delete them for whatever reason (not able to, didn't see it, etc) please just ignore it and go back to posting icons.

5. Actor icons are fine, however actors in other films (like Keira Knightley in "Pirates of the Caribbean") are not.

6. If you don't want anyone to take them then say that as well. This community is for sharing icons, so unless you say specificy that you don't want anyone to use the icons, then people will assume that it's okay. If people don't need to comment and/or credit when taking your icons, then feel free to put that in your post(s).

7. Be respectful! Any trolling or bashing of anyone will result in banning.

8. NC-17 icons (icons with swear words, sexual content, etc) are fine, but need to be under a cut with a warning.

9. Spoliers allowed.

10. Have fun! :)


1. CREDIT/COMMENT if it is found out that someone is taking icons from here and not giving credit they will be warned, and maybe even banned. It is essential that you give credit where credit is due.

2. If you want to post saying how great so and so icons are then by all means feel free to! :)

3. If you comment to posts then please be respectful. Any trolling or bashing of anyone anyone will not be tolerated and will lead to banning.